2001: A Space Odyssey. Dir. Stanley Kubrick. Perf. Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood. Warner Bros., 1968. DVD

This movie starts with pre-human personages that lived in caves. The next scenario is a spaceship, millions of years in the future. The house is a distant idea that is going into the past, a transitory and functional historical contingence, but what persists is the need for a wrapper, a container. This idea is expressed in different ways during the film: the cave is a container and also the spaceship or the spacesuit. The room that HAL occupies resembles a womb, with breathing sounds, and this symbol is used literally in the final sequence.
Furthermore, the home remains in its emotional instance, as expressed in the conversation between the captain and his daughter and the sequence in an old interior. Emotional links prevail in their autonomy, and they do not need a house to exist. As Adorno says, the house is past.

[gracias Sergio por la sugerencia]