la maquinita


tener una máquina en casa, hecha por mí­, para mí. no necesitar a nadie, que tenga la presión justa, el ritmo preciso. de eso, aquí­ . ví­a boingboing


y esta foto, que le va a gustar a alguien que conozco

Cassie: “This is what they are pushing us towards, making society all mechanical and automated. It’s just like that. The machines are like part of that. I hate all this stuff in society that leaves the person out. I’d rather go into the bank and deal with the teller than use an ATM. I need to see someone, talk to them, have them see me. At a drive-through, I won’t talk to the speaker on the menu, I’ll go up to the window and order. I mean, what are they trying to do to us?!”