de la utilidad de las encuestas

“Facts are stubborn things.” -Ronald Reagan

Dear Voter,

Whether you’re Democrat or Republican, you’ve probably grown weary of the endless circus that is the electoral process. It is painful. But it shouldn’t be that way. As a member of a free democratic state you should feel exhilarating pleasure when exercising your right to choose your leader.
Grand Old Party demonstrates that as a people united, our opinion has real volume. When we approve of a candidate, they swell with power. When we deem them unworthy, they are diminished and left hanging in the wind. We guard the gate! It opens and closes at our will. How wide is up to us.
In an age of information, we rely on hard facts. Each of the shapes you see here come directly from poll data collected by Gallup. This data reflects approval ratings for each GOP candidate among regis- tered Republican voters from December 10, 2011 to April 1, 2012. Each shape’s girth is a reflection of popularity while their height is a reflection of time.*
The contours of these delightful shapes conjure up the waves of amber grain and those lapping at the rim of our great nation spanning from sea to shining sea. As the battle for the Presidency rails on, we must remember that Americans may have achieved freedom through war, but they are also a people of love. After all, in the end all we have is each other.

[Matthew Epler, “Grand Old Party”]

Esto debiera ser el non plus ultra del deseo concedido: plugs anales que han sido modelados en base a las encuestas de candidatos republicanos que querían/quieren competir contra Obama en las próximas elecciones. Las fluctuaciones son las que han producido esas formas que tan buen uso pueden tener. Data Visualization + juguetes sexuales, qué más podría pedirse. Pero lo que me molesta es el subtexto, que pretende ser insultante, supongo. Sería lindo que otras situaciones de la vida dieran como resultado formas introducibles. Pero bueno, que nadie me lo está preguntando.

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